Our #1 goal is to build you the perfect team for your product succeed.

Whether it’s one pivotal C-Suite position or an entire team, we can help you and eliminate the stress of making good hiring choices.

Our Services Include:

—Detailed client onboarding to understand your wants, needs, and secret ‘would like to have’s.

—Intensive searches for both active and passive (already employed) candidates and a wide-range of people for your review.

—Candidate submittals that include links to profiles and portfolios of work, detailed write-ups including salary expectations and start dates, and video excerpts from our screenings so you can get a better look/feel for the people you’re interested in.

—Full-service assistance and advice throughout the entire process (scheduling interviews, candidate/client concerns, salary/package negotiations)

—If desired, we can provide salary and equity suggestions/insights using AI tools that gather real-time information for location, position, and experience levels in the current market.

We generally work on a container basis, which means you will pay a small fee upfront to cover the costs of the search but are not obligated to pay anything additional unless you choose to hire someone we have presented.


Experienced Hires

We have a broad network of C-Suite, Director-level, Engineering and Marketing candidates we’ve built meaningful relationships with. Every company is unique, so if we don’t already know the person you need, we have the tools and resources to find them.

More Time Back In Your Day

As many Founders/CEOs learn, finding the right hire takes time—especially if you aren’t sure where to start or how to do it. Working with Metier means you get more valuable hours back in your day and can focus on what matters: your business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your happiness and confidence in your new hire matter to us. Your satisfaction comes first and our relationship with our clients is of the upmost importance to us. If for some reason your new candidate doesn’t work out, we’ll find their replacement for free.


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