We have all been there. You just landed an interview with your dream company and the sit down went exceedingly well. Now you want to keep your name at the top of the consideration list, but how? This is where a tried-and-true old fashioned “Thank you” will come in handy. With modern technology at our fingertips, there is no need to handwrite a note. A simple and considerate email will go far. For some tips and tricks as well as our favorite email template, keep reading.

  • Just like we advise in our interview do’s and don’ts, Stay Positive. If your interview conversation went a bit amiss, don’t feel the need to bring it up in your thank you note. Hopefully, the interview manager overlooked it or chalked it up to nerves. Focus on the highlights of your time.
  • Remember a Detail that stood out during your interview which shows you were paying attention. If the interview manager discussed an important aspect of the role they wish to improve or even if you each connected on a personal note, let them know you remember. A good method of doing this is to simply assure them that you have a dynamic idea and method to initiate the requested change.
  • Hiring managers speak to many candidates, both for the role you applied for as well as other roles. Remind Them of your skill set and provide a quick example or link to your portfolio. This will help the recipient to quickly recall your interview and keeps your name in the front of their mind.
  • Never Wait to send a thank-you. Send your email within 24 hours and copy each manager you spoke with. Their time is valuable, so keep your email simple, professional and genuine.
  • Use Proper Grammar. That’s right! All of those essays and reports from your school days will come in handy when writing a killer thank you note. Avoid using slang and abbreviating, but keep your thoughts concise.
  • Include your Contact Information so your recipient can quickly respond to you and follow up with additional questions they may have.