One of the top questions we receive as a recruiting agency is, “why should we use your service”? There are many answers and sales pitches clients will hear from our competitors on why their services should be used. We want to offer up the bottom line reason. You should always consider using an agency, whether it is Metier Executive Management, or another firm because a bad hire can cost you and your business immensely. It may not cost you in only a financial aspect, but in time, team morale, overall workload, and possibly client relationships.

A tale as old as time…

Jim’s business was growing and he was in need of an Office Manager to help run point on some basic payroll and receivables so he could continue to work hands on with clients in the field. He and his wife composed a simple job description and posted it online. By the end of the day, Jim had 150 applicants in his inbox. He sat up late into the night reviewing resumes and was at work an hour early to begin contacting his top 10 applicants to schedule interviews.

Jim decided to conduct all of the interviews in two afternoons, which meant he was unable to be in the field, costing his business valuable potential income. To sacrifice a little in order to gain a lot is something Jim learned early on as a small business owner. He interviewed Ann, who had a stellar education and solid work history. She was well-dressed and communicated clearly in both her email and during her interview. She was hired! Jim and his wife were thrilled to welcome a new team member who could help ensure their continued success.

Within a two weeks, Jim received a call from a disgruntled client because Ann had sent over a scathing and threatening email demanding payment on their account which wasn’t yet due. Team morale was down, as Ann was consistently showing up to work late and taking longer lunches than other team members. She had also requested a vacation for the following month, during their peak time. Jim’s wife complained that whenever she would call the office no one was answering the phone and she was worried potential clients may decide to use competitors if they were unable to speak with Jim. The final straw was at the end of the month when Jim received a notice from his insurance company. They had not been paid and the policy was about to lapse.

Jim now has to release his new employee, rebuild team morale, repair damaged client relationships, conduct a full audit of his business to ensure payables and receivables are accurate, all while seeking a new office manager.

This is a story we at Metier Executive Management hear time and again from many distraught clients. Sometimes the cost of the bad hire is only in time and resources. Other times we hear horror stories of finances in shambles and cash missing. Each of these circumstances are preventable when proper measures are taken during the hiring process. Measures that MEM specializes in.

What We Offer

Metier Executive Management’s team implements a strategic analysis of each candidates work history and education while exploring character traits for client compatibility. We align our efforts, resources, and intuition with clients needs and ultimate goals to success, ensuring the hiring process is not only simplified, but highly effective in the long term. We want our clients to succeed which is why we always listen to our clients needs and occasionally advise on minor hiring improvements.

Each MEM team member takes additional time to thoroughly screen each candidate who is qualified on paper. We fill in employment gaps with what our clients really need to know and offer references checks to ensure honesty throughout the process. We ensure salaries and benefits are aligned with the local average and the candidates specific skill set which promises a happy employer::employee relationship.

Don’t cost your company in time, morale, and money… speak with us before making your next hire.