We have all been there. Scouring Job Search boards for the best candidate or the perfect opportunity, only to be disappointed in the process. We have compiled a short list of our favorite Job Search Boards and a few tips to assist in making your efforts on each one more efficient.


We start out listing the least of our favorites. It is one of the most outdated systems in terms of options. Most of the resumes listed haven’t been updated recently and search results display the same individuals over and over. Employers will find the most success if they are seeking a candidate to assist in a more temporary capacity.


The oldest of the job search boards, this option sits on our shelf as a last resort recommendation. Outdated filter options and an inordinate amount of entry-level resumes keep the same job listings on repeat. This trailblazer may have fizzled out when it comes to long-term career solutions. For an immediate opening and a fast entry-level solution look no further.


Yep… we said it! Craigslist is a terrific resource for finding amazing jobs and candidates with smaller local companies. Hometown employers often post openings on their local Craigslist Job Board to enlist other locals. This is also terrific for quick-hire solutions for immediate hiring needs, although beware that things can go south if references are not checked properly.


Bet you didn’t know Facebook was going to be on our list. Even with the surge of newer Social Media outlets, Facebook maintains its position as leader in connecting people. However, beware of a recent surge of fake job postings as well as applicants simply submitting resumes for unemployment qualifications. Our experience has been to join a local community group and to maximize the networking efforts through discussion. Ask the community who the hiring companies are or list a summary of the position you are hiring for, and request qualified candidates only to apply.


One of the most used professional social media platforms available. The ease of reviewing job openings and professional profiles helps both sides of career game to determine first line qualifiers before even touching base. However, be aware of the limits on searching for people. If you are going to use LinkedIn to research a high number of company contacts, consider investing in a premium subscription.


Indeed is our go-to for all things jobs. Their process is simple and highly effective. You will find many of our own job openings listed on Indeed. Resume searches with extensive filtering options are available to every employer, while job seekers can easily publish their most up to date resumes, take skill assessments, and apply to jobs anywhere in the world.