Ambitious, reliable, and trustworthy! We cannot say enough about Andreas’ comment to finding the perfect-fit employee for startups! If you’re looking for someone who will take the time to deep-dive due diligence, then you need Andrea!

—Guenevere Blanchard, CEO of Sage Medical

Andrea is a superb communicator, a first-rate headhunter, and above all, a wonderful human being! She is always cheerful and determined to unearth the real motivators and talents that bring people together to do amazing things.

For open and transparent communication, unlocking talent, sheer determination and the ability to put a smile on everyone’s face – I cannot recommend Andrea highly enough! With the team at Metier, she has created a winning culture.

—Amardeep Singh, CEO of ClassFeeds

Andrea has the right mix of ‘seeking to understand’, empathy, and experience to find exactly the right people for your tech startup.

Her approach to founders is one of offering something to us as the first port of call in building relationships. It’s a unique approach and it works. I highly recommend Andrea as your recruitment specialist at every stage of startup funding.

—Greg Serandos, Director of Sausalito