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Warrick Mulder

Ex-Founder and E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Years of Marketing Experience: 12

Saas Experience: Yes

Google Ads Experience: Yes


Warrick is currently the Marketing Solutions Specialist for GrowthGurus, where he leads, formulates, and executes growth strategies for clients via various Saas platforms. He is a former founder of Bottleshop, where he raised VC funding, oversaw the marketing strategy/implementation, and utilized Google Adwords for 8+ years before a successful exit/acquisition in 2019. He is interested in leaving GrowthGurus because, despite their name, he feels there is no potential growth in his position.

Warrick has worked with budgets from $5k/mo to $400k/mo and his strengths lie in growing brand awareness and creating effective, data-driven marketing campaigns that deliver on ROI. He is not a graphic designer but is otherwise fully competent and capable of creating all other forms of marketing materials (email campaigns, newsletters, social channels) and has experience sourcing designers needed to achieve his vision.

Warrick is currently making $72K at GrowthGurus and would need to give 2 weeks notice.



At GrowthGurus:

*Brought in 35 new D2C clients in one year

*Achieved total of $80k net new revenue per month average

*Achieved ROI of 45X through email and SMS marketing

At Bottleshop:

*Built website that generated over 170,000 unique visitors/mo and has over 5500 unique SKUs

*Increased social following and engagement on FB/Instagram by 300% within 2 years

*Reduced marketing costs by 30%

*Increased revenue by 115% in one year

*Grew the team from 3 to 25 employees



—Growth/E-commerce Strategy





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