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Marina Lelievre

Marketing Manager and Sales Coordinator

Years of Marketing Experience: 6

Saas Experience: Yes

Google Ads Experience: Yes

Marina has a Masters in Business Administration, Management, and Marketing, and a Bachelors in Marketing Commerce. She’s experienced in working with Saas companies and has B2C and B2B experience. Marina previously used to do freelance design of websites so she is also a capable designer who can handle all internal marketing materials and is well versed in SEO, analytics, and Google Ads. She also has business development skills which she utilized during her time at Seasonova and Wild West Crypto Show, where she was in charge of following up with potential prospects.

Marina is interested in leaving her current position because she’s been there for 4 years and has helped shape and grow the marketing department but despite that, there is no room for further advancement for her at the company and she wants to be in a position where she can be fully utilized and grow.

Marina is currently making $70,000 and in order to leave her job, would require a raise. She would need to give 2 weeks’ notice/would be able to start within 3 weeks.



*Grew Wild West Crypto Show following by 10,000 followers in 6 months

*Grew viewer audience to over 100,000 views and downloads on dozens of streaming platforms



—SEO/Google Analytics

—Social Media Strategy

—Copywriting and Web Content Development



Marina’s Resume 


Clips From Marina’s Screening (Her camera wasn’t working but we proceeded anyways)

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