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Bruce Chen

Early-Stage Startup Marketing Expert

Bruce is Senior Director of Marketing and Community Development for KochaSoft, an Agile Cloud Migration and Solutions Partner (also a Cisco partner) and has spent 75-80% of his career working with Saas companies—TradeRev, EnergyX, Paddle, and KochaSoft.

He is also the founder of Banner & Co, where he hosts a podcast called The Makeshift CEO, which breaks down marketing for early-stage startups. He is very familiar with working with little to no budget, as evidenced by his podcast and the passion he feels for helping seed-stage startups learn how to make the most of what they have.

Bruce actually prefers to work with early-stage companies as he feels this is the area where his expertise fits best and he enjoys the chaos and constant change involved. He loves leading people and ‘playing in the mud and getting my (his) hands dirty!’ In almost all of his roles, has been either the 5th or 7th employee to join, so he is very familiar with working in small groups and being extremely adaptable.

He is so adept in his role at KochaSoft that when the CEO became ill, he was legally appointed acting CEO and stood in the role for almost a year. Bruce is also undergoing Executive Coaching so he can continue to improve and become an incredible C-Suite Executive for Early Stage startups.

Bruce is currently making $120K (including bonus) but he is ‘here for the spirit of the product’ and is open to and extremely interested in having a discussion with you. Aka—he’s flexible and willing to work with you to find a happy medium.

I highly recommend at least taking a call with him to see if this would be a good fit as he is a great candidate for your budget and could be just the Marketing Manager you need.



—Market Growth and Expansion

—Marketing Strategy

—Saas Sales


Metrics of Bruce’s Success

—Grew EnergyX’s Saas platform to over 7,000 users in the first 6 months

——Increased Paddle’s B2B2C integrated users from 0 to 6,000+ users running targeted Facebook/Social Media Campaigns

—Increased KochaSoft’s B2B2C digital education metrics (aka class attendance) by over 100%+ through a combination of email/push/lifecycle marketing

Bruce’s Resume 

gen bc resume oct 2022


Clips From Bruce’s Screening


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