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Changes in Contemporary Workplaces

Are you wondering how to prepare yourself for the contemporary job market? If yes, then this guide will help you in understanding the new changes after COVID-19 forced businesses to reshape their work and management strategies. Even before the pandemic took over the world, digital technology was impacting companies across the world.  Life seems to [...]

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What to Say (and Not Say) in a Post-Interview Thank You Email

We have all been there. You just landed an interview with your dream company and the sit down went exceedingly well. Now you want to keep your name at the top of the consideration list, but how? This is where a tried-and-true old fashioned "Thank you" will come in handy. With modern technology at our fingertips, [...]

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The Best (and Worst) Job Search Boards

We have all been there. Scouring Job Search boards for the best candidate or the perfect opportunity, only to be disappointed in the process. We have compiled a short list of our favorite Job Search Boards and a few tips to assist in making your efforts on each one more efficient. Monster We start out [...]

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